MM Super Strong

A Powerful Immune Boosting Anti-Viral /Anti-Bacterial with 31 Natural Ingredients


About MM Superstrong

What is MM Superstrong

MM Super Strong is a powerful immune / anti-viral formulation, that consist of 31 high quality active herbs blended in specific quantities to optimise each herbs full potential. MM can assist the body fight against a virus, while boosting the immune. It can be taken as a supplement to improve general health and well-being.


Why take MM Super Strong Anti-Viral?

MM Super Strong has seen remarkable success over the years and watching people regain their health has been incredible. Recovery from seasonal flu, chronic infections, and many other health issues. MM is a 100% herbal product with no known contraindications.

Will this cure my chronic illness like HIV or Cancer?

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It is impossible to claim that any natural supplement will “CURE” an illness. But our results over the years have shown astounding results. In an HIV case, the Viral Load Count became almost undetected after using MM for a couple of months, while the CD4 immune count increased – thus a stronger immune and lower viral load count. With seasonal flu, chronic colds & infections and weakening immune, the results are the same each time. MM actively fights infection and boosts the immune system.

Some of the herbs in MM have also been used very successfully against fighting cancer cells. And we have seen cases of visible cancer growths reducing in size over time.

How long should I take it for?

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If you are treating an illness or condition you should take the recommended dosage of 20 drops three times per day in half a glass of water. Once you are 100% better you can reduce it to once a day as a supplement to stay healthy. You should take a 2 week break after 2 to 3 months and start again thereafter.

To boost your immune system, you can take 30 drops in water once per day.

Can children take MM?

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Yes, but only for a short time and strictly as per the instructions given:

Children under 2 years should not take MM.

From 2 years you can give 2 drops twice per day

From 3 years you can give 3 drops twice per day

From 6 you can give 6 drops twice per day

From 10 to 15 give 10 drops twice per day

Do not exceed the recommended dose unless you have spoken to a health care practitioner or contacted our company directly.

Easy to buy

Just order the product from our website or via the nearest agent, pay the amount and you will receive it within 3/4 days

produced in Africa

MM Super Strong is manufactured under licence for Healthpage (Pty) Ltd and Nappi Coded through Medikredit, making it possible for selected medical aid schemes to pay for it.  The Medicines Control Council registration pending

Free Consultations

We are available to discuss any questions regarding the product and it’s application – we are here to help


A 62 year old male was diagnosed with two golf ball size cancer tumours under his chin. He also had trouble swallowing with a sore throat. He immediately started taking the product in high dosages. After the first month the tumours had halved in size and he was no longer troubled by a sore throat. Unfortunately, he has not been back to a medical doctor to confirm the cancer status.

Testimonial - Cancer 62 year old male

A lady had done a blood test as well as scans before she started taking the product. She had asked if they would delay operating on her for 4 months. She used MM as well as a strict plant-based diet. After 4 months her cancer cells had more than halved. The lump was never cut out.

Testimonial - Breast Cancer 47 y/o old female

All the Ingredients used are 100% natural.

The key is in the combination to make it effective and safe!

Alfalfa ,Ashwagandha, Astragalus
Birch, Bitter Melon, Blood Root
Boswellia, Cats Claw, Cayenne Pepper
Celery, Cinnamon, Echinacea, Elderberry
Dandelion, Devils Claw, Fenugreek
Grape Seed, Gravel Roots
Liquorice, Myrrh, Nettle
Pau d Arco, Poke Root, Propolis
Red Clover, Rescue Remedy, Thuja
Willow bark, Wormwood
Clove Leaf, Olive Leaf


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