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MM Super Strong Anti-Viral generally boosts the immune system and enables it to fight against viruses and illnesses more effectively.  It is impossible to claim that any natural supplement will “CURE” anything. But our results over the years have shown astounding results.


Will this cure my chronic illness like HIV or Cancer?

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It is impossible to claim that anything natural supplement will “CURE” anything. But our results over the years have shown astounding results. In HIV the Viral load count became almost undetected after using MM for a couple of months, while the CD4 immune count increased – thus a stronger immune and lower viral load count. With seasonal flu, chronic colds & infections and weakening immune, the results are the same each time. MM actively fights infection and boosts the immune system.

Some of the herbs in MM have also been used very successfully against fighting cancer cells. And we have seen cases of visible cancer growths reducing in size over time.

How long should I take it for?

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If you are treating an illness or condition you should take the recommended dosage of 20 drops three times per day in half a glass of water. Once you are 100% better you can reduce it to once a day as a supplement to stay healthy. You should take a 2 week break after 2 to 3 months and start again thereafter.

To boost your immune system, you can take 30 drops in water once per day.

Can children take MM?

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Yes, but only for a short time and strictly as per the instructions given:

Children under 2 years should not take MM.

From 2 years you can give 2 drops twice per day

From 3 years you can give 3 drops twice per day

From 6 you can give 6 drops twice per day

From 10 to 15 give 10 drops twice per day

Do not exceed the recommended dose unless you have spoken to a health care practitioner or contacted our company directly.

Should I stop other medication?

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You should NEVER STOP your other medication without speaking to your doctor or clinic.

You can take the MM with any other medication, but please always ask your health care professional should you be on scripted medication or suffer from other underlying medical conditions.

What happens should I start feeling sick after taking MM?

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If a person starts feeling slightly sick after they start taking the product it is NOT A BAD SIGN. MM is formulated to expose the Virus in the body to your immune system. This means your body is fighting back, but so is the Virus as it enjoys living inside of you, making you sick. Possible things that might happen to a person with HIV that now takes the tonic would be:

Getting bumps and boils

Feeling like they have a fever

If this happens you can reduce the MM to half the daily dosage until you feel better. It does not take long but it is sometimes a good thing as it shows the MM is working.

With boils, you can apply a couple of drops to the skin and rub it in as well. The same with mouth sores or hives.

A child was getting sick non-stop with a very runny nose, coughing and earache. The child was attending a crèche, so every infection and virus around was picked up by this child and then the child had to stay home to recover. The mother was very desperate when she bought the product. After 2 weeks the child was 100% better and did not have a post nasal drip or cough anymore. It had been 4 months and the child did not have to stay off school once since starting the product. She truly believes her child’s immune system in now strong enough to fight infections that she could not fight before.

Testimonial - Chronically ill child

Our client had a chronic skin infection causing small sores and dark patches all over, especially on her face, neck and back. These sores became infected and would sometimes bleed. She had been on antibiotics as well as many different ointments. We had advised her to take the product 3 times per day as well as to apply it to the effected skin. It started to clear in the first week. After 3 months, the dark patches on her skin had completely gone.

Testimonial – Chronic skin infection